Social Media OSINT

Social Media is huge a huge part of the internet now, from personal accounts, businesses, news outlets, to bots, it's very helpful to find information on them. This doesn't include just Facebook or Twitter, this can include things like Discord, Telegram, Snapchat, and others.


  • Codeofaninja - This tool called "Get Facebook ID" provides an easy and fast way to find a Facebook page's or Facebook profile's numeric ID.

  • CSE Facebook Image Search - Use Keywords to search Facebook for images.

  • CSE Facebook Search - Obtain overall Results, Pages, Groups & Photos.

  • Intelligence X - Facebook Graph Searcher.

  • Intelltechniques - Facebook Search Tool.

  • Lookup-ID - Facebook profile ID / Group ID / Page ID lookup resource.

  • Osint Combine - Social Geo Lens, this tool is designed to provide a map based interface for geo searching on social media platforms.

  • Osint Combine - This tool is a simple way to quickly search for multiple keywords from a list or open mutual friends for multiple profiles at the same time.

  • Plessas Facebook Matrix - This page contains Kirby Plessas Formulas for Searching Facebook.

  • Socmint Tool - Graph Search Tool.

  • Sowdust Graph Tips - Replacement Graph Search developed by Sowdust.

  • Who Posted What - is a non public Facebook keyword search for people who work in the public interest. It allows you to search keywords on specific dates.



Linked In


  • Nixintel How to find timestamps - Nixintel's blog on how to find timestamps for verification (2022).

  • Nixintel Instagram Osint - Nixintel's tutorial on how to install InstaScraper.

  • TOCP How to search Instagram part 1 - Technisette talks through how to search Instagram, for people, stories, keywords, hashtags, locations (2019).

  • TOCP How to search Instagram part 2 - Technisette continues her tutorial searching Instagram, for businessess, deleted content and tracking followers (2019).

  • Codeofaninja - Easy way for developers and designers to get Instagram account numeric ID by username.

  • Download Gram - Instagram downloader tool, it helps you to download Instagram photos and videos.

  • Imginn - Download instagram photos, videos and stories highlights.

  • Instaloader - Download pictures (or videos) along with their captions.

  • Inteltechniques - Inteltechniques Instagram search tool.

  • Instalooter - API-less Instagram pictures and videos downloader.

  • iZuum - Instagram profile downloader.

  • Osint Combinne - Find images by date on Instagram at particular locations easier and more efficient.

  • Picnob - Enables you to browse Instagram profiles without the need of an account.

  • Picuki - Instgram Editor & Viewer.

  • Toutatis - Extract information from instagrams accounts such as e-mails & phone numbers.

  • Who Posted What - Finds Posts on Date Tagged With Location, for people who work in the public interest


A helpful resource on how to perform OSINT on Discord can be found here. Credit to BOstintBlanc.


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