CyberSec News

Keeping up with various Cyber/Information Security can be done through various Social media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, or RSS Feeds. With some of the platforms dying or just going down hill, I wanted to show places of ways to get updates in the Cyber/Information Security world.

There is also Mastodon, I myself am on, and BlueSky. Though Mastodon isn't always the easiest to Navigate and BlueSky has a relatively small user base at the moment.


Reddit works, it just depends on which Subreddit you follow, since anyone can make a post at any time so it can be flooded with people asking questions or nonsense. So it depends n the moderators or bots to kind of keep things cleaned up. Some of the various subreddits I follow are:

Though there are plenty of others, there's a subreddit for just about anything/everything.


Twitter is where a large things are posted often and first, but as of recently it's been on a down slope and more so after various rumors of it being you need to pay to use it. People and groups I follow include:

and plenty of others.


Linked in is also a great place to follow people who have one and post a lot, like John Hammond or TCM Sec. Some of the other people/group/companies I follow are:

and plenty more.

RSS Readers

Feedly - A go to one as it's via the web and has a mobile app, can follow Reddit on there as well, and others. Though some features of behind a paywall but the free version works great.

Newsboat - Linux based terminal RSS Reader.


Feedly comes with a few 'kits' of feeds to Sec News, Threat Researcher, Vulnerability, etc.

I currently use:

Various Blogs

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