The Comptia Pentest+(PT0-002). "For cybersecurity professionals tasked with penetration testing and vulnerability management."

I recommend Jason Dions course on Udemy. This course was updated in January of 2023.

Broken into 5 'Domains'

  • Domain 1 - Planning and Scoping - 14%

    • Focused on techniques that emphasis governance, risk and compliance, scoping and organizations requirements, and demonstrating an ethical hacking mindset.

  • Domain 2 - Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning - 22%

    • Focused on vulnerability scanning, passive and active recon, vuln management, and analyzing various types of scanning and enumeration results.

  • Domain 3 - Attacks and Exploits - 30%

    • Look at Social Engineering techniques, Network Attacks, Wireless attacks, Application attacks, Cloud App attacks, and Post exploitation techniques.

  • Domain 4 - Reporting and Communication - 18%

    • Document your findings, analyze them, and recommend remediation's.

  • Domain 5 - Tools and Code Analysis - 16%

    • Focused on proper tools to be used based on a given use case, and look at code samples and identify the language(such as python, bash, ruby, perl, javascript, powershell)

Like most Comptia exams, you will have 165 min to answer up to 90 questions, can be 70-90. Questions are multiple choice, multiple select, and a small Performance Based Questions(Simulations) and drag and drop them in the proper order. Usually exams are: 3-5 Simulations, 80-85 multiple choice, but this can vary. You need 750 out of 900 points(80-85%) to pass.

2 Resources that are provided from the course.

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