Task 1

What does the 3-letter acronym SMB stand for? - Server Message Block

Task 2

What port does SMB use to operate at? - 445

Task 3

What network communication model does SMB use, architecturally speaking? - client-server model

Task 4

What is the service name for port 445 that came up in our nmap scan? - microsoft-ds

Task 5

What is the tool we use to connect to SMB shares from our Linux distribution? - smbclient

Task 6

What is the flag or switch we can use with the SMB tool to list the contents of the share? - -L

Using smbclient -h we can find the flag/switch

Task 7

What is the name of the share we are able to access in the end? - WorkShares

Running smbclient -L (IP) will list the shares, using a empty password

Task 8

What is the command we can use within the SMB shell to download the files we find? - get

Task 9

Submit root flag - 5f61c10dffbc77a704d76016a22f1664

First connect to the machine via SMB, smbclient '\\(IP)\WorkShares'

We can see two directories, Amy.J and James.P, we can ls both directories and see James has our flag. We can get our flag.txt and cat it on our machine to see our flag.

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