Initial Scan

sudo nmap -T4 -Pn -sV -sC -v -oA Bike

Task 1

What TCP ports does nmap identify as open? Answer with a list of ports seperated by commas with no spaces, from low to high. - Found in the initial Scan

Answer: 22,80

Task 2

What software is running the service listening on the http/web port identified in the first question? - Also found in the initial scan

Answer: Node.js

Task 3

What is the name of the Web Framework according to Wappalyzer? - Using Wappalyzer we can see.

Answer: Express

Task 4

What is the name of the vulnerability we test for by submitting {{7*7}}? - Node.js servers often use a software called a Template Engine. Looking into vulnerabilities we see a common one.

Answer: Server side template injection

Task 5

What is the templating engine being used within Node.JS?

Answer: Handlebars

Task 6

What is the name of the BurpSuite tab used to encode text?

Answer: Decoder

Task 7

In order to send special characters in our payload in an HTTP request, we'll encode the payload. What type of encoding do we use?

Answer: URL

Task 8

When we use a payload from HackTricks to try to run system commands, we get an error back. What is "not defined" in the response error?

Answer: require

Task 9

What variable is the name of the top-level scope in Node.JS?

Answer: Global

Task 10

By exploiting this vulnerability, we get command execution as the user that the webserver is running as. What is the name of that user?

Answer: root

Task 11

Answer: 6b258d726d287462d60c103d0142a81c

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