โ€‹Task 1

What does the 3-letter acronym FTP stand for? - File Transfer Protocol

Task 2

What communication model does FTP use, architecturally speaking? - client-server model

Task 3

What is the name of one popular GUI FTP program? - Filezilla

Task 4

Which port is the FTP service active on usually? - 21 TCP

Task 5

What acronym is used for the secure version of FTP? - SFTP

Task 6

What is the command we can use to test our connection to the target? - ping

Task 7

From your scans, what version is FTP running on the target? - vsftpd 3.0.3

Task 8

From your scans, what OS type is running on the target? - Unix

Task 9

Submit root flag - 035db21c881520061c53e0536e44f815

We first FTP to the machineโ€‹

โ€‹After connecting we specify our userโ€‹

Now we can look for files and download them.โ€‹

After we download our flag.txt file, we exit the FTP session, and cat our file to reveal our flag.

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