Task 1

What does the acronym VM stand for? - Virtual Machine

Task 2

What tool do we use to interact with the operating system in order to start our VPN connection? - Terminal

Task 3

What service do we use to form our VPN connection? - OpenVPN

Task 4

What is the abreviated name for a tunnel interface in the output of your VPN boot-up sequence output? - tun

Task 5

What tool do we use to test our connection to the target? - ping

Task 6

What is the name of the tool we use to scan the target's ports? - nmap

Task 7

What service do we identify on port 23/tcp during our scans? - telnet

Task 8

What username ultimately works with the remote management login prompt for the target? - root

Task 9

Submit the root flag - b40abdfe23665f766f9c61ecba8a4c19

This was found after telnetting into the machine, logging in with the root user, no password, and cating the flag.txt file.

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