Initial Scan

sudo nmap -T4 -Pn -sV -sC -v -oA Funnel

Task 1

How many TCP ports are open?

Answer: 2

Task 2

What is the name of the directory that is available on the FTP server?

Answer: mail_backup

Task 3

What is the default account password that every new member on the "Funnel" team should change as soon as possible? - Look in the .pdf file from the FTP server.

Answer: funnel123#!#

Task 4

Which user has not changed their default password yet?

Answer: christine

Task 5

Which service is running on TCP port 5432 and listens only on localhost?

Answer: postgresql

Task 6

Since you can't access the previously mentioned service from the local machine, you will have to create a tunnel and connect to it from your machine. What is the correct type of tunneling to use? remote port forwarding or local port forwarding?

Answer: local port tunneling

Task 7

What is the name of the database that holds the flag?

Answer: Secrets

Task 8

Could you use a dynamic tunnel instead of local port forwarding? Yes or No.

Answer: Yes

Task 9

Submit Root Flag

Answer: cf277664b1771217d7006acdea006db1

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