Phone Number OSINT


  • Carrier lookup - Enter a phone number and returns the carrier name and whether the number is wireless or landline.

  • Number Validator - Search phone number format and origin

  • CallerID check - A database of caller names used to identify the name of a caller when receiving an inbound call from the United States or Canada.

  • TrueCaller Caller ID check - One of the best CallerID utilities

  • Spy Dialer - Reverse phone number lookup for cell phones, VOIP and landlines.

  • - Confirm if the number is valid, and detect the origin country, carrier, and number type.

  • 800 Notes - A crowd-sourced reverse phone number search. Good for identifying scammer numbers.

  • Caller Name - Free phone number lookup service where you can look up a cell phone, VoIP or Landline number.



bash <( curl -sSL )
sudo install ./phoneinfoga /usr/local/bin/phoneinfoga
phoneinfoga scan -n (countrycode)(phonenumber)
phoneinfoga serve -p 8080

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