This is my notes on the linux OS and will cover commands and configs. I personally use Kubuntu (Ubuntu but with KDE as opposed the default Gnome desktop environment.) as it is lightweight, has a lot customization options and just works with little to no issues from my experience.

Dot Files

User-specific application configuration is traditionally stored in so called dotfiles (files that the filename starts with a dot). It's a good idea to track dotfiles with a version control system such as Git to keep track of changes and synchronize dotfiles across various hosts or for backup. A lot of users backup their shell configs, vim config, tmux config, etc.

A link to my dot files can be found here on my github. There are plenty of other dotfile topics on github as well.


"Ricing" is a process in which one customizes a computer operating system to improve the look or operation of the system. It involves the configuration of applications and the development and refining of workflows. In my opinion, to rice your Linux flavor should start with your Desktop Environment(DE) or Window Manager(WM). The r/unixporn subreddit is great for finding ideas.

I personally have found KDE, or XFCE desktop environments are the most customizable with ease. You can use things like Krohnkite on KDE to help as well instead of going full in with a WM.

WMs such as i3, bspwm, or awesome are great, but WMs can be difficult to customize so make sure you back up your configs often.

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