Initial Scan

sudo nmap -T4 -Pn -sV -sC -v -oA Synced

Task 1

What is the default port for rsync? - This is found in the initial scan, OR a google search will tell you. Answer: 873

Task 2

How many TCP ports are open on the remote host? - Also found from the initial scan Answer: 1

Task 3

What is the protocol version used by rsync on the remote machine? - Also found from the initial scan Answer: 31

Task 4

What is the most common command name on Linux to interact with rsync? - rsync is also a command Answer: rsync

Task 5

What credentials do you have to pass to rsync in order to use anonymous authentication? Answer: None

Task 6

What is the option to only list shares and files on rsync? - Look at rsync -h Answer: list-only

Task 7

Get the flag

Sync the file, cat it. Flag obtained rsync flag.txt

Answer: 72eaf5344ebb84908ae543a719830519

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